The Challenge

Most swimmers find it difficult to swim straight in open water towards a buoy or other target while training, swimming recreationally or during competition. In the absence of swimming lanes, swimmers tend to “zig-zag” through the water, wasting precious energy and slowing their performance. Many swimmers suffer from anxiety because there is no swimming lane and of course, there is no line visible at the bottom of the lake. Many athletes avoid both the sport of open water swimming and triathlons because of the swimming component, simply because they cannot swim straight in open water or master “sighting.”

The Solution

Our patent pending point-and-click design will allow the athlete to store a compass heading with a single button press. This simple yet elegant design then provides real time feedback to the swimmer through a small LED array in each eyepiece. Using a variety of sensors OnCourse Goggles will analyze the direction you are swimming to help you swim straight in open water. As you veer off course, the LEDs will notify you what direction you need to swim in order to remain on course as well as the severity of deviation. Our technology also compensates for lateral currents of water and wind.

OnCourse Goggles Features


Performance Gain 1500m Swim

Minutes Shaved Off 1500m Swim


Anxiety Reduction


Cost Compared to Others

  • OnCourse Goggles Performance Boost 15%
  • Swim Skin Performance Boost 5%
  • Wet Suit Performance Boost 8%
  • Aerodynamic Helmet Perfomance Boost 1%
  • Aerodynamic Wheels Performance Boost 4%

Amazing Advantage

We analyzed a variety of performance enhancing gear such as swim skins, wet suits, aerodynamic helmets and aerodynamic bicycling wheels and nothing compared to the time savings that are realized by swimming in a straight line in open water with OnCourse Goggles. At half the cost of a wet suit, and less than one tenth of the cost of aerodynamic bicycle wheels, OnCourse Goggles can deliver up to a 15% performance improvement.

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