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While we are establishing our manufacturing facilities, we invite you to contact us using the web form or you can send snail-mail to our temporary mailing address listed below. We invite you to visit and like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter, as our social media content may have more up to date product announcements than you see here.

Mailing Address:
3070 Windward Plaza
STE F312
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Phone: Publishing Soon

Business Hours: 9a-6:00p M-F


  • OnCourse Goggles Performance Boost 15%
  • Swim Skin Performance Boost 5%
  • Wet Suit Performance Boost 8%
  • Aerodynamic Helmet Perfomance Boost 1%
  • Aerodynamic Wheels Performance Boost 4%

Amazing Advantage

We analyzed a variety of performance enhancing gear such as swim skins, wet suits, aerodynamic helmets and aerodynamic bicycling wheels and nothing compared to the time savings that are realized by swimming in a straight line in open water with OnCourse Goggles. At half the cost of a wet suit, and less than one tenth of the cost of aerodynamic bicycle wheels, OnCourse Goggles can deliver up to a 15% performance improvement.

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