Buy OnCourse Goggles and Gear in Our Official Company Store

You will love our products. We are so confident that we designed OnCourse Goggles to comfortably fit the widest possible range of facial geometries, that we offer our Customers this guarantee: If you find that your OnCourse Goggles do not fit for any reason, or if the silicone gaskets do not create a proper seal around your eye sockets, you may return the goggles to us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase date.

OnCourse Goggles are available direct through our official company store and not authorized for sale on other websites such as eBay etc. Our product warranty is extended to the original purchaser and not transferrable. Online merchants who have purchased our products and then offer our products to you for resale, void the warranty. In the near future, our products will be available through authorized resellers and our website will be updated at that time.

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